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Tactful Elite Security Solutions – FL State B License: 1500005
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Bodyguard Services

Tactful Elite Security Solutions offers close personal protection and executive protection services that are customized to fit our clients’ diverse needs. Our protection ...

Event Security

Special events–with their large crowds, complex venues, and VIPs–pose a multitude of unique security challenges that require extensive preparations and a high level ...

Security Drivers

Security incidents involving executives and other high-profile individuals most commonly occur while they’re in or near their vehicles or on the move. Tactful ...

Security Guard

A security guard or security team can protect your home or business around the clock to ensure safety and security and prevent theft, ...

On-Site Security Services

The business world faces many new challenges, but one of the biggest emerging risks is workplace violence. There have been a number of ...

Armed & Unarmed

Armed & Unarmed Security Services From business owners to Fortune 500 executives to leaders in the entertainment industry, everyone has security concerns. The ...

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For the greater part of us, our house isn't only a place, it's the place we bring up our kids, invest energy with family and periodically
resign. It speaks to one of the best ventures a significant number of us make in our lifetimes, yet the vast majority

Experienced Security Professionals

You can now request service online by filling out the form below. We pride ourselves on prompt response time and excellent service. Our goal is to provide same day or next day service whenever possible.