The Importance of Physical Security in the Retail Environment

Retailers have been paying a lot of attention to network security, and that is certainly a smart thing to move. No business, from the smallest mom and pop shop to the largest big box retailer, can afford to take the security of their customer records for granted. But while online security is certainly important, it is not the only threat retailers face. In fact, some would say that physical security is an even more pressing concern, one that many retailers are ill-prepared for. If you have not created a security plan for the upcoming holiday season, now is the time to get going.
As the holiday season approaches and retail stores become busier and more hectic, physical security takes on an increasingly high profile. The frontline workers who were once able to look out for shoplifters will be busy helping holiday shoppers, and a savvy thief could take advantage of that inattention. That is why so many retailers, from local stores to national operations, choose to augment their in-store security team with a professional security agency as the holiday season gets underway.

There are a number of unique dangers retailers face as the holiday season approaches. These security challenges are common across the retail spectrum, and they exist independent of location and size. Here are some of the biggest security challenges retailers will face throughout the entire holiday season.

Retail Theft
Some people buy gifts for the holidays, but others would rather steal them. Retail theft is a serious concern at all times of the year, but the danger is even greater during the busy holiday season. By hiring a dedicated security agency , retailers can free up their staff to serve the customers, which in turn can boost profits and help them make more money. Far from a drain on the bottom line, a professional security service can more than pay for itself by reducing retail theft.

Issues with Physical Inventory
The inventory in the storeroom is a tempting target for thieves, both burglars breaking in at night and sticky-fingered employees during the day. Retailers rely on their physical inventory to generate profits and bring shoppers into the store, especially in the build-up to Black Friday.

If those doorbuster items are not in the storeroom, they will never make it to the sales floor. Securing physical inventory is one of the most critical functions of any outside security agency , and smart retailers know to bring them on well in advance of the holiday season.

Dangers Posed by Unhappy Customers
No matter how great your products and how low your prices, it is impossible to please every customer. These days, unhappy customers are not shy about expressing their displeasure, and that can create security challenges for the affected retailers.

Some disgruntled customers are perfectly happy to vent their frustration online, typing a flurry of negative comments and leaving a trail of one-star reviews. Others, however, will show up in person, and when they do, the safety of your sales staff could be in jeopardy.

By hiring a dedicated security agency to protect your retail outlet, you will also be protecting your staff members. Professional security personnel are uniquely equipped to deal with unhappy customers, even those who threaten violence.

If you run a retail operation, you need to think about physical security and take steps to protect your customers, your employees and your merchandise. Online security is important, but the safety and security of your physical environment are just as critical.

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